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Six-months after the horse conversation with my colleague, I was doing a stand-up job dismissing my soul-nudges to research adult riding lessons in the community.

One February night, I had a dream. The dream consisted of a horse with a white face and brown body, standing in front of a beige-yellow colored building. The horse just stood there, casually looking at me, like he was waiting. When I awoke, I vividly recalled the dream, which is not the norm when I dream. As I drove to work that morning, I pondered the images still in my head:

”People don’t have barns that color, do they? What WAS that building I saw?! My brain must be playing tricks on me. Was the horse white or brown?”

And so on. After a couple of days, the dream faded and I carried on with life.

Two months pass. It is now late April and spring is giving thought to making an appearance. One night, the dream returns. Same beige-type building, same horse with a white face and brown body. Only this time he staring right at me, shifting his eyes away only when he paws in a frustrated manner at the ground. Looks at me intently again. Paws at the ground. I wake up, fully recalling the dream.

That was finally enough to prompt me to investigate riding lessons. A quick Google search informs me there are a number of riding facilities in my immediate area - go figure. The first web-page I review, while beautiful, looks a bit too formal and uptight for who I am. Hmm. This second web-page, has a more casual, relaxed feel. The photos show the instructor/coach giving lessons to a group of children. That is a good sign, she must have some patience if she is giving lessons to kids. I need someone who won’t yell at me too much! I pick up the phone and call. Sandy answers and tells me she offers lessons to adults. Why don’t I stop by on Tuesday to see how I like it?

Gulp. Guess this is really happening. My horse journey begins.

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