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The Beginning

I didn’t set out with an intention to learn equine bodywork. Nor did I plan to have my own horse. It sort of just happened. I am so glad it did.

I am a gal who was born and raised in the city. A gal who always held a deep love for animals. Despite my best attempts to convince my parents to allow a pet in my childhood home, it never happened. Instead I would soak up every opportunity to spend time with my friends and relatives furry critters - dogs, cats and horses. I was that kid who ditched playing with her cousins to go find the farm cat and her kittens.

My teenage years and early adulthood were a flurry of activity and growth. My time with animals decreased substantially but I always knew “someday” they would be part of my life.

Horses reappeared in my life in a very unexpected way. A conversation with a colleague about his daughter’s horse momentarily had me pondering adult riding lessons, which I promptly dismissed. On my drive home from work that evening, I passed a pasture filled with grazing horses and again, a nudge to take riding lessons called to me.

Was I brave enough to follow that calling?

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